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So my best friend needed to get away from the city, she invited me to just hang out since she was in my neck of the woods. It’s been a long time since we’re just walked and talked on the promenade. It was like when we were kids. We shared or hopes and dreams there, we partied like rock stars, shared ideas, created poetry and stories,vented frustrations, spent birthdays and it was our meeting space. No matter how far we get from this place, it always seems to draw us back in. We created memories here, and it’s a part of our souls. I’m sure in like twenty years, it will still our meeting place, our original point of origin.

thedogmaticrevolution asked:

Thank you for responding! Most people don't. My post mostly was a satire of the extreme nature of a lot of the beliefs of anti-gunners. Sometimes I post with data and intend to refute, and other times I satirize. This time it was the latter since there wasn't anything being presented in facts and it was more about media, pop-culturalizing, and sound byting. That's always when I break out the parody. I do so in a "Comedian-esque" way to provoke thought in the people reading. Thanks again

No problem. I’m a true believer in people making their own opinions on the knowledge presented to them, but also in researching instead of relying on the opinion of others. I also find satire a great tool in presenting the flaws in human thinking, radicalism and hidden agendas.  Keep posting. I hope to see more.


Problems with this:
1. little red riding hood isn’t banned. And there aren’t any books at all that are banned from private ownership or purchase. he’ll you can buy books on hacking and making bombs yet both of those things are illegal to do.
2. The gun she is hold is an M16 which is a military rifle, it is NOT a common AR15. The m16 is fully auto, the ar15 isn’t an for the m16 to be privately owned the person buying it MUST have purchased a tax stamp in a state where fully auto guns are legal. how do we know this gun is legal? an they are handing to children! how irresponsible is that? Is her parents there? Does she have any prior experience with guns? This is dangerous!
3. Show me a statistic of how many school shootings have happened in the past 100 years with a fully auto weapon. please. I’ll wait.

That edition had once been banned in two school districts. Honestly the picture has two problems. If you give children knowledge (or the lack ) in certain subjects that can be just as dangerous as a child’s access to a weapon without parental guidance. I posted the picture because it is thought provoking and caught my attention of advertising, not because I support the organization.

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