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When I think of Black History Month, I look back on the sacrifices my grandparents made for their children so they would have better lives. This is the first picture my grandparents and their first five children (they had twelve and my mother is on the far right) in the late 1950’s. My grandfather served in WWII, then a few years later he married my grandmother. In less than ten years, my grandparents moved all their children to Brooklyn, New York from Columbus Mississippi. Not only did they raise their children, but their children’s children and grandchildren. There would be 23 grandchildren, 18 great grandchildren and 1 great great granddaughter. We were taught to be righteous, serve our fellow man, honesty,the value of hard work, and that family is stronger than any worldly thing. I’m thankful for their love and devotion, their installment of values and especially the value of education. I’m thankful for those who came before me and have made the life I have today possible.

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